Wisdom from the Vineyards

“There is no country where they drink more or better wine” with these words Jean Baptiste Chardin encounters 8000 years of uninterrupted wine-making culture in Georgia. LWP Winery wants to capture a special taste and feeling of this continuous tradition with its mindful approach. Since ancient times, the wine-making process has been a sacred practice for people preserving this culture. It has been a ritual accompanied by Georgian Polyphonic sounds. Thus, Lotishvili Wine goes deeper into this culture and invites wine-lovers to feel the whole process, to try to see beyond the glass, and to appreciate the invisible links between each part of the whole process of wine-making orchestra. 

Lotishvili Wine, has an amazing story behind it, the same as the “Wine-Making Orchestra” has behind each sip of wine. Although, it has been a long standing desire to start this business, the founder got her ultimate inspiration while studying peace-building as a Rotary Peace Fellow in Thailand (https://www.rotary.org/en/our-programs/peace-fellowships) and exposing her classmates, Hope and Patricia, to Georgian wine. The common idea that all of them agreed on was that the wine-making process could also be considered as an inner peace-building process. When Lotishvili arrived back in Georgia, she decided to launch a project in her native Ateni Valley, in order to revive her family’s old wine-making traditions. An innovative approach has been implemented at Lotishvili Wine Cellar since 2019: grapes are collected, pressed and fermented with the sounds of spiritual and classical music in the background, as well as Georgian Polyphonic singing.

Mindful visitors will have the amazing opportunity to become enraptured in the wine-making orchestra.

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