In our busy, modern world, which emphasizes economic growth, we as humans tend to focus on work during our daily routine rather than to explore and develop the balance between physical and emotional well-being. This so-called grind of our everyday life leads to burn out in many individuals working in positions of responsibility. Countless international research has revealed that when people have the ability to cope with a stressful environment, and when they invest in their personal and professional growth, they tend to be more motivated, full of enthusiasm and therefore, their productivity increases drastically.

Many companies, especially in developed countries, have already started to invest in the well-being of their employees. Recently, Sweden became a pioneer in finding a correlation between relaxed and motivated individuals and their creativity level and economic growth. 

Workshop Goal and Objectives

The purpose of the Team-Building workshop is to support private companies, as well as non-profit local and international organizations to build a productive, strong and connected team.

Workshop Activities

Workshop activities will consist of games and inner peace-building practices that will help team members to reach a common ground and connect to each other. During the workshop, participants will also learn about useful techniques for self-care/stress management.

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