Our Story

Cultures cannot be seen as separate entities. Cultures, traditions and customs are the result of movement and flow. We all are different in our uniqueness; however, we grow and develop because of our connections, interactions, by embracing what is “beyond” and celebrating our “otherness”. Culture can be compared to a river that flows, which takes with it other small rivers along its path and continues towards the sea or the ocean. It is flexible and is able to adapt.  It can change shape and transform as more rivers flow into it. Georgian culture is also a mixture of different cultures, as is the case in many countries around the world. Visitors can feel that this country is indeed the beautiful outcome of being at the crossroads of Europe and Asia.

There is a long and inspiring story behind the launching of “Mindful Trips” idea in Georgia. After gaining extensive experience in the tourism sector in Georgia, I changed my career path to go on an inner journey. Overwhelmed by inner and outer conflicts in my geographical area, which concerned my family and myself, and after initiating inter-ethnic Peace research in Switzerland, I realised that I had began an inner healing project and became an outer and inner peace-builder. Believing that “nothing happens by accident and that life is a continuous discovery,” (Tiziano Terzani) with “Mindful Trips” in Georgia, I bring together my expertise in tourism, peace-building and spiritual/transformative and personal growth retreats into one concept.

“The path to Peace flows like a river and because it resists nothing, it has won even before it has begun. The art of peace is unbeatable because no one is fighting against anyone, only themselves. If you conquer yourself, then you will conquer the whole world” ~ Morihei Ueshiba

I truly believe that we all represent “human orchestra” where we come with our unique talents, unique instruments, to perform together and achieve harmony. When we touch our true nature, we understand that there is no competition in this beautiful world full of opportunities for every single human being.

Thus, Mindful Georgia is going to invite people from all over the globe to feel a different side of Georgia, to enjoy mindful journeys, to connect with other mindful people and to embrace and celebrate diversity.

Nino Lotishvili

Founder & CEO





@Ilona Margalitadze Photography

@Ilona Margalitadze Photography

Nino was born and raised in Gori, Georgia – a small town close to South Ossetia which in early 90’s was plagued by ethnic confrontations and an economic crisis after the collapse of Soviet Union. This traumatic experience challenged Nino to reflect about the importance of conflict transformation and peace-building, thus becoming an integral part of her personal life-changing story. Nino’s passion for languages (Italian, English, French, Russian) 12 years of experience in tourism, knowledge of communication techniques (MA in Communication – Public Management and Policy), inner and outer peace-building expertise (Rotary Peace Fellow, IEP Peace Ambassador for South Caucasus) and finally love for wine and wine-making process, inspired Nino to unite these fields in one concept and promote inner peace-building tourism in Georgia. In her leisure time, Nino enjoys gardening, dancing tango, painting, playing ukulele, practicing yoga and meditation, trekking and hiking.